This wonderful L-shaped house backs on to Parkland just a few short miles to our Nation’s Capital. The home was designed to bring in light and create privacy from its neighbors. Set in the beautiful 1801 Foxhall community, within walking distance to Georgetown, the client wanted a house that would be comfortable for their young family, display their great art collection, and would have room for the outdoor entertainment they enjoy. By doing the L-shape in the rear, this created a perfect setting for pool, outdoor bar and patio. In the vertical part of the L, are the kitchen, family room and screened porch, done in a great space format, overlooking the pool with 9′ tall glass, allowing for spectacular views and light.

The same goes for the master bedroom suite above. The entire home’s motif is very contemporary/transitional done in a unique, wonderful way by the client’s interior designers from Miami, B&G Design Inc. The results are stunning, clean and beautiful. As soon as you walk into the house, it creates a great deal of excitement and stimulation inviting you to explore. The designer also created wonderful reflective ceilings throughout and boldly used the color black as a contrast in almost every room. This highlights the walls and art. The fixtures and finishes throughout are both bold and elegant.

Berkley – Northwest, Washington, DC
Berkley is a neighborhood in northwest Washington, D.C. It is bounded by Wesley Heights Park to the north, MacArthur Boulevard to the southwest, Battery Kemble Park to the west, and 44th Street and Foxhall Road to the east. Beyond the line formed by 44th and Foxhall is Glover-Archibold Park; therefore, Berkley is surrounded on three sides by parkland. Berkley is a suburban neighborhood within the city and can be defined in many ways: lush, secluded, and picturesque. Berkley is one of DC’s most eye-catching neighborhoods. It’s apparent that the creators of the neighborhood valued green space and outstanding views of the city.