Looking for a sweet spot between the elegance and intimacy of traditional style and the edginess of modern design? A transitional style home may be the perfect balance for you.

What is transitional style?

Transitional homes are classic with a contemporary twist. They combine elements of both traditional and modern home styles to create a seamless balance between both worlds. The result is an elegantly enduring design that boasts comfort, clean lines, neutral colors, light and warmth. Transitional home design allows you break the rules and add your own twist. It gives you the freedom to embrace a more contemporary edge or convert back to more of a conventional classic. It’s up to you how you choose to bring harmony to a transitional style home.

What are the defining features?

It’s hard to pinpoint what truly defines the transitional style, as it is a beautiful blend of elements from both the traditional and contemporary designs. However, there are a few distinguishing features most transitional style homes incorporate into their design: neutral colors with textured elements, clean lines and minimal accents, and a ton of natural light.

Warm Neutrals With Textural Elements

The transitional color palette is meant to evoke a clean and serene atmosphere that is relaxing and Transitional Livinguncomplicated. It relies on warm neutrals, such as taupe, tan, vanilla, cream, or khaki with dark browns or grays as accents.

Since the color palette is subtle, textural elements are often the star of the show. The transitional style uses a mix of textured materials such as wood, lacquer, fabric, metal, or steel to add depth, appeal to the senses, and help balance the overall aesthetic.


Clean Lines and Minimalism

Transitional KitchenStealing from modern-contemporary architecture, most transitional homes use clean lines and minimalism in their design. There is limited use of accessories and ornamentation. Instead, transitional style embraces minimal artful details, such as one large piece rather than several smaller pieces. While less sharp and less dramatic than modern styles, transitional homes try to balance the warmth of the color palette with crisp lines and straightforward style.


Oversized Windows

A transitional home is just as likely as a modern-contemporary home to showcase large, Transitional Livingexpansive windows, and an interior filled with natural light. However, a transitional home might invite nature in through oversized double-hung windows rather than large casement or picture windows. The idea is similar to that of a modern home, but the execution is similar to a traditional home.

An effective luxury transitional style home is a harmonious fusion of traditional and modern elements, with a result that is comfortable, classic, and chic. One of the best perks of building a custom transitional home is the freedom to choose your favorite elements from each style without sacrificing the beauty, value, or quality of the final product.

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