If the home you’re living in doesn’t quite feel like home anymore, and you’re fantasizing about your dream home constantly, it may be time to upgrade to a custom home. You know, the kind where you can design every last detail to suit your needs? The one with the open floor plan and the in-law suite and the dedicated home office? Your current home might put a roof over your head, but imagine if it could do more. Imagine if it could represent the way you actually live.

That home you’ve dreamed up in your head doesn’t have to stay a dream. Here are 3 major signs it’s time to take the dive and upgrade to a custom home.

1. If your list of upgrades keeps getting longer and longer…it’s time to upgrade.

When the list of things you want to change about your home continues to grow with each passing day, it’s probably time to upgrade to a custom home. Each improvement you add to the list also adds to the cost. By the time you complete them all, it may price you out of the value of your home. Do yourself a favor and just upgrade already.

2. If you don’t love your home…it’s time to upgrade.

You spend your hard-earned money buying your home, shouldn’t you love it? If your style has dramatically changed over the years or your current home just doesn’t suit your lifestyle anymore, it’s worth planning a custom home. Neighborhoods change too — sometimes in a bad way. If your location just doesn’t do it for you anymore, it’s probably time to reach out to a custom home builder in a location where you can see yourself in the future.

3. If you need more space…it’s time to upgrade.

Sometimes, when you run out of space, it’s a sign you need to do some spring cleaning. Other times, it means you need a bigger home. If you fall in the latter category, it’s time to call your local home builder. You can’t wish more square footage into fruition. You have to take action!

Your dream home is within reach. In fact, it’s just one call away. Contact Sandy Spring Builders when you’re ready to take the leap in the DC area.