Every household looks different.

Families today don’t have to fit a certain mold. From traditional households, to multigenerational homes, to blended families, living environments come in all different shapes and sizes. That’s where custom home building comes in.

For blended families (or stepfamilies), moving in together is challenging. Your new life together commands a new living environment, and home design requires special attention and consideration. Custom home builders, like the experts at Sandy Spring Builders, give you the ability to create a home that perfectly suits all of your new family’s lifestyle needs.

There are three major factors to contemplate when designing a custom home for your blended family: shared space, separation, and synergy.

Shared space

When two people decide to move in together with their children from previous marriages, things can get complicated. It takes some getting used to and some quality time together to truly become a family. One way to allow a growing family to come together and grow as a unit is with an open floor plan. An open-concept kitchen with a great room built in gives large blended families the ability to enjoy quality time together while still providing ample personal space. This is perfect for stepsiblings who are still getting used to each other’s presence. A spacious open concept great room also enhances communication and provides ample workspaces, so that multiple people can be sharing the space while doing separate activities.



While family bonding time is vital, it’s also important that each family member has their own personal area. The new nest should have a separate space for each member of the family (if possible). That way, everyone feels as if they belong and are a part of the greater unit. Separate spaces allow family members the freedom to escape if the transition becomes overwhelming or rough. It’s also not a bad idea to create equal-sized rooms for the children, so that jealousy is not a factor. Essentially, a blended family home should be a balance between separation and shared space, because privacy is just as important as quality family time.



The key to designing the perfect custom home for your blended family is collaboration. While constructing possible floor plans and brainstorming ideas, allow each family member to have a say in your new home. Better yet, make it a group activity. This will not only increase bonding, but will allow you to create a home that every member of your family loves.

Blending step-families together in one home can be a tough transition. However, building a custom home or even renovating your existing one with Sandy Spring Builders can smooth out some of the bumps in the road. Whether you want to redesign, add onto your current home, or start completely from scratch, we can help you turn your vision into a reality. Contact us today to get started!