If you have the luxury of designing your dream kitchen, it’s important to keep one word in mind: timeless. Unless you want to remodel your kitchen every few years, you need to look at the big picture. Sure, the ubiquitous all-white kitchen is open, airy, and bright, but designers and homeowners everywhere find themselves craving some color after staring at the monochromatic space for too long. Design forecasts are hinting at the death of bleached-ivory everything, but all it takes is a few tweaks to turn a predominantly white kitchen to a timeless treasure. Here are four ways to shake up the monotony and add a little contrast, warmth, or color to your cooking space.

1. Choose Complementary Finishes

Incorporating complementary finishes that marry with surrounding spaces can help make your kitchen design flow. Try marble or porcelain to help create a cohesive, yet slightly contrasting look.

2. Dark Floors and Furniture 

Contrast is essential to tone down your stark white kitchen. Keep those white cabinets and countertops and instead, focus your efforts on the flooring and furniture. Go for darker wood, luxury vinyl, or tile to bring a little warmth to your cooking space.

3. Add Texture and Dimension

Kitchen 15Change things up by splashing some gradations of white throughout the kitchen for dimension. Pair your white cabinets with shades of cream or grey and splash of black for extra depth. If you don’t want to pick up a paint brush, bring some texturized pieces to the room instead — animal print rugs, rustic wood furniture, glass and ceramic accessories. Get creative!


4. Pops of Color

Think of making certain aspects of the room pop: the backsplash, the island, the appliances. Just remember, any bit of color in contrast to a white kitchen will immediately draw eyes to it. Make sure it’s something you want people to see. Try a colorful vintage refrigerator or go for bright-hued smaller appliances. Paint your kitchen island blue or add a pretty pale yellow backsplash. The most important part is getting creative and being true to your own style. All it takes is the smallest amount of color to bring life back to your space. When designing your dream kitchen, do your best to separate fads and trends from truly timeless designs. Ask your home builder and designer for help distinguishing the two. And remember, the all-white kitchen isn’t really out of style; it just needs a little face lift.