A modern-contemporary home is dynamic in design and creative in character. It breaks away from the traditional aesthetic and truly has a distinctive feeling unlike any other home design. Modern-contemporary homes are constantly changing in shape and style, as they reflect the times we live in. However, there are some features that the majority of these homes (almost) always embrace.

Contemporary homes are typically void of excessive frills and focus mostly on function. They integrate a variety of features from the past with current lifestyle concepts in order to build character and practicality. Here are four distinguishing features to look for in a modern-contemporary home.

1. Oversized WindowsContemporary Home

If there’s one thing modern architecture loves, it’s glass. These homes use glass and natural light generously throughout the entire space. Windows are often large floor-to-ceiling length structures that provide dramatic views of the outdoors. Sliding glass doors and high-set windows can typically be found as well.

2. Unconventional Roofs

Contemporary HomeInstead of traditional triangular-shaped roofs, modern architecture opts for the unconventional. Everything from varying lines and unusual linear elements to overhangs and vaulted ceilings are mixed to make a statement and highlight the overall design. Multiple roof lines across different levels are not uncommon, as they typically show off the complexity and creativity of the home.


3. MinimalismContemporary Home

Despite the unique shape and style of the contemporary home, they tend to focus on the idea that less is more. These homes are free of clutter and unnecessary frills and instead focus immensely on function. Decorative trims and moldings are eliminated or simplified to make way for clean lines and a simple aesthetic.

4.  Open Floor Plan

Contemporary HomeTo continue the focus on functionality, you can almost always find an open floor plan inside a modern home. Most include an open living, dining, and kitchen space—also known as a “great room”—open riser stairs, and very few walls. Many also embrace the L, T, H or U shape to utilize outdoor space to its fullest potential.

What’s your style?

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