You’ve finished your project and now you’re ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy your newly remodeled home but, not so fast! Be sure to tackle these maintenance tips before it’s too late.

1. Register Any Warranties

Review any warranty cards for new appliances and follow the steps to ensure you get the most out of the manufacturer’s warranty. This will save you a lot of money and frustration in the future.

2. Schedule a Reminder to Re-Evaluate (and be open to Reorganize!)

There are other things you won’t know until you’ve lived in the remodeled area for a while. It’s hard to really know what your meal prep workflow will look like, or where guests will gather, or if it will be super annoying to keep all your linens in the walk-in closet until you’ve lived with it for a while. Schedule a reminder in your phone to re-evaluate your organization system— it’s all too easy to settle into familiar routines and never revisit some of the things that could make your life better. In the meantime, start a list of ideas: Should you move the silverware to that other drawer? Does it matter that you need a step stool to get down your winter sweaters?

3. Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Put felt pads on the legs of your furniture, not only does it make moving them a lot easier, it prevents scratching on your new flooring. It is important to note that these felt pads do not last forever, check on them regularly to see if they need to be replaced.

4. Ask Your Builder/Contractor About Maintenance

Some of the new features in your remodeled area may require additional maintenance, be sure to talk to your contractor and take advantage of their knowledge. A few common features you may want to ask about include, natural materials, filters, and plumbing fixtures.

  • Natural materials, like marble and wood, require extra care to achieve maximum durability.
  • Filters, such as those in water purification systems or air-conditioning units, should be changed regularly.
  • Plumbing fixtures, like newly installed shower heads, should be deep-cleaned routinely to prevent buildup that can seriously interfere with the flow of water.

Your contractor knows what’s is best for maintaining your project, so be sure to do a follow-up with them. At Sandy Spring Builders, we pride ourselves on being “Your builder for Life” and our team of professionals will continue to work with you long after your project is finished. From warranty work to handyman repairs, we are here to help. We stand behind our work with the most comprehensive warranty and service commitment in the industry.