So, you’ve decided to build your dream home. It’s an exhilarating process, as you get to design it from the ground up, specifically to fit your taste and style. Watching your ideas take shape and turning your dreams into reality is thrilling. But, like most things in life, it’s easy for that exciting process to become daunting, stressful, and exhausting. If you want the process to go smoothly and swiftly, there are a number of common mistakes to avoid the first time you build a home.

1. Not choosing the right home builder.

It’s important to select a home builder that is right for you. You don’t want to be butting heads throughout the entire build. Take some time to interview and get to know your builder prior to conception. Check out their past work, discuss your ideas and your budget, and understand that the lowest bid does not usually represent the best quality of work. Make sure the custom home builder you choose is one you feel a connection with and that you trust to turn your dream into a reality.

2. Trying to cut the wrong corners.

Everyone likes to get the best value for their money, but it’s vital to understand the importance of quality during a custom home build. Don’t sacrifice quality just to pay less. Discuss your financial concerns with your builder, and allow their expertise to help you choose which cost saving options are right for your home budget. There are both right ways and wrong ways to trim down a budget, and cutting the wrong corners could result in a lot more problems down the road.

3. Choosing the wrong location.

Don’t choose a lot just because it’s available or because you feel pressured. There are many factors to consider when selecting the location for your custom home. Slope, water table and terrain are important for construction. Remember to scope out the neighborhood, how busy it is, if it is family-friendly, etc. and choose a spot that reflects your lifestyle. Don’t forget to think of the future as well: is this a location that will have a high resale value?

4. Not considering livability.

You are the one who will live in this house–not your builder, not your architect, not your designer–YOU. So, when you are discussing the plan for your custom home, it’s absolutely imperative to consider livability. Think about your daily routines, your preferences, movement throughout the home, etc. Think about your family’s needs in terms of space, layout, and room placement. How do you actually live?

5. Having unrealistic expectations.

The home building process is not going to happen in a day. It takes time and patience to construct your dream home, and there will likely be hiccups along the way. Unrealistic expectations of your builder, of the timeframe, of the cost, and more will not only make the building process unbearable, but will result in disappointment. Don’t sweat the small stuff–your home builder knows what they are doing and are more flexible than you may realize. Trust them, and be realistic about your custom home.

Nobody wants to construct their dream home only to realize in the end that it is not their dream. The first time you build a home can be stressful and shaky, but if you avoid these 5 common mistakes, the process will be much more enjoyable for all. And the result will be the home of your dreams.

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