The year 2016 saw a lot of beautiful kitchen trends, from open shelving and minimalism to hidden appliances and all white everything. Many of these trends are here to stay, but 2017 is bringing in some new kitchen trends you’ll want to consider for cues to inspire you during your upcoming build or remodel.

As the heart of your home, the kitchen is a pretty personal space. It’s intimate; it’s where family and friends gather, and aside from your bedroom, it’s probably where you spend most of your time. Creating a warm, welcoming, and inspiring environment is vital to the livability of your kitchen space, and frankly, to your own sanity. As you look for inspiration for your kitchen remodel, consider these 5 kitchen trends of 2017.

1. Colorful cabinetry.

Two Toned KitchenWhile white kitchens probably aren’t going anywhere for awhile, 2017 will start to see more color injected through cabinetry. Navy, black, and other dark colors will take over lower cabinets, with lighter neutrals like grays and taupes on top for a two-toned combination. Subtle, calming color combos will be trending more than high contrast.


2. No boundaries.

As the kitchen becomes more and more connected to the rest of the house, the boundaries will continue to disappear. Strict separation between the kitchen and living space is out. Instead, the kitchen is becoming a natural extension of the living space and is evolving in functionality each year. It is no longer just a space for cooking and eating, but also working, entertaining and lounging.


3. Mix and match.

Two Toned KitchenSome may turn their nose up to mixing materials, patterns, fabrics and colors, but this trend is one of the hottest in 2017. When executed correctly, mixing stone, wood, steel, polished concrete and marble can be absolutely stunning. The trend removes the limits on materials and allows you to incorporate the best of both worlds in perfect harmony.


4. Functionality and technology takeover.

As home technology develops, it becomes easier to incorporate it seamlessly into different areas of your home, with the kitchen as no exception. In 2017, expect to see more modern twists within traditional kitchen spaces, such as smart appliances, pop up sockets for phone charging, integrated speakers, and more.

5. Personalization.

Kitchen TilesFrom eclectic tiling and detailed backsplashes to area rugs and eye-popping color, 2017 is on the brink of the personalized kitchen space. Of course, the white kitchen is still popular, but this year, expect to see more individualized kitchens through color, patterns, materials and decor. Pink, black and jewel tones are trending, as well as textured backsplashes, throw rugs, and unique tiling, but the possibilities are endless to add a creative, personal touch to your kitchen.

Kitchen remodels are exciting, and happen to be one of the most cost-effective remodels you can put into your home. The fresh design trends of 2017 will give you some ideas to get started on the upgrade you’ve been dreaming of.

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