Before staging your home for selling, you’re often advised to slap a fresh coat of paint on the walls. While this is a significant step in the selling process, you shouldn’t just select any old shade. Your color choice can make a major impact on buyers’ perception and act as a powerful aid in selling your home.

Remember the overall goal with choosing paint colors is to help potential buyers envision themselves living in the space. Don’t just select the shade you like, and ignore your immediate instinct to go with white. Instead, try one of the following colors to showcase your house in the best possible light.


Pale Turquoise

This isn’t the flashy, in-your-face kind of turquoise you may be picturing. Instead, think of it as a grown-up turquoise with sunny, pastel undertones. It’s a solid choice for anything from living rooms to bedrooms to bathrooms. Pair is with white, beige, or gray for a truly regal aesthetic.


Greige is exactly what it sounds like: Gray combined with beige. It’s basically a pale gray with beige undertones and is incredibly versatile, yet adds a bit more drama and depth to a room than basic gray.

Golden Yellow

Bring some life and light to your home with golden yellow on your walls or fixed elements (like cabinets). It complements white and stainless steel well in kitchens, but can also work well in a cozy bedroom. Choose a shade with a creamier undertone, so it doesn’t overpower the room (or your eyes) and pair it with wood hues, earth tones, blues, and other pastels.


Navy is dramatic and mature; it oozes sophistication. It works well with contrasting pale hues like silvers, grays, whites, and beiges. Use it in a light-filled room, as an accent wall, or to highlight decorative architectural features.


Charcoal, a deep, regal gray, works as a surprising neutral. It adds depth, style, and drama in a serene way. It works exceptionally well as an accent color, or alongside beige and orange wood hues. Like navy, it works best in light-filled rooms or rooms where you wish to feature architectural elements.