It probably comes as no surprise that 96.5% of American households have a connected TV set. But, occasionally, you visit someone’s home and there’s no television in sight. This is because TV placement is becoming more and more discreet amongst households. I mean, think about it. A large black box, no matter how flat, can easily detract from the interior design of your room and draw eyes away from the real focal point.

If you want to keep your aesthetic in check without a bulky television messing things up, check out some of these new strategies for hiding the TV.

1. Cover It with Art

Artwork hung on a track system of some sort—whether horizontally or vertically—is ideal if you’re trying to create a specific aesthetic in your room. Use the art as part of the color scheme and slide it in front of the tv to balance the room. When you’re ready to watch TV, just slide the artwork out of the way. Simple!

2. Conceal With Cabinet Doors

Wood cabinetry provides a perfect option for masking the TV on a fireplace wall, or in any warm-colored room. The alluring hinged wooden doors add an inviting appeal with artistic flair, and do wonders for hiding your TV.

3. Mirror-ize It

Mirrored televisions are nothing new, but they are an ideal way of hiding your TV—especially in the bedroom. Try positioning your mirrored tV over a dresser or bookshelf, so that it looks like an actual mirror blending into the rest of the decor. You can even get your mirrored TV framed, which really seals the deal on aesthetic appeal.

4. Slide It Down and Out With a TV Lift

A built-in pop-up mechanism is one of the best ways to hide your television if you don’t prefer hanging it. You can buy ready-made furniture with this mechanism built-in or add it in yourself.

5. Mount It on a Dark Wall

While this option won’t actually make your TV disappear, mounting it on a dark wall can really help it fade into the background. If you tend to watch TV often, this is an ideal option to keep the room’s aesthetic alive, while maintaining full access to your shows.