Ambient lighting is essential for livability, considering it’s the key element in creating specific moods in your home. It also helps you see where you’re going, which is pretty important as well. However, it isn’t as easy to achieve as you’d think. In order to create the mood you want in each room of your home, follow these five tips.

1. Take advantage of natural lighting.

Be sure to exploit natural lighting as much as possible during the daytime. Add windows to your home, if possible, to the southern face of your home in order to get maximum benefit from natural light. East- and west- facing rooms can help increase natural light exposure in a more unique way as well.


2. Reflect natural light.

If you can’t add windows to your home, try using mirrors and other reflective materials in order to bounce the natural light across the room. This will reflect and amplify the light as much as possible without the need for renovations.




3. Mix it up.

Use multiple light sources for the best possible cocktail of illumination. Experiment with both floor and table lighting, different shapes, sizes, and shine. Aside from illuminating your space, lamps add a little something extra to a room’s aesthetic appeal too. The color, materials, and finish of your light sources all play into the design and overall mood in a room. It’s all about finding your comfort zone with ambient lighting and playing up the room’s personality through it.


4. Don’t be afraid to go fluorescent.

Before you shutter at the thought of fluorescent lighting, know that they provide the highest amount of lighting at the lowest cost. They also use very little energy, don’t generate much heat, and come in a variety of options. They’re not all those 4-foot-long tubes you remember from elementary school days; fluorescent lights have come a long way.


5. Always use dimmers and zones.

The best way to get perfect ambient lighting in each room of your home is to include dimmers on all of your lighting. That way, if you want bold and bright lighting one day and calm and moody lighting the next, you can achieve it! Creating zones for your lighting can also help achieve the best balance for ambient lighting. If you can, install lighting for the seating area on one circuit and perimeter lighting on another, so you can customize it for maximum comfort, no matter the time of day.