It’s rare for homeowners to consider their homes “complete”. There’s always something more to be done to improve living spaces; there’s always home improvements lurking in the back of people’s minds. However, it’s important to realize that not all home improvement projects are created equal. Some projects are specifically for aesthetic appeal, while others will improve your overall home value. There is money well spent and money that’s not.

Knowing which projects bring you more bang for your buck can be especially helpful in the decision-making process. Here are 5 home improvement projects that may provide a significant increase in home value.

  1. Focus on curb appeal.

Whether you’re interested in selling your home, or just ready for a change, improving your home’s curb appeal is an ideal home improvement project for homeowners. Curb appeal, or simply the aesthetic appeal of your home from the curb, introduces the world to the people who live behind the exterior. It provides a first impression and boosts your home’s perceived value. Without an appealing exterior, nobody will want to see what’s on the inside. Focus on improving curb appeal with projects like replacing or upgrading your front entryway, or replacing your garage door.

Your front door and garage door work tirelessly to seal up your home. It’s easy for them to get worn out and unattractive.

  1. Attic insulation.

Adding attic insulation to homes has become the most valuable home renovation in 2016. In a time when energy conservation is extremely important to homeowners, attic insulation is a top priority. Simply adding an extra layer of insulation can seal air leaks, and therefore save energy and lower utility bills!

  1. Kitchen remodel.

One of the most common, tried and true renovations to add value to your home is a kitchen remodel. Many people view the kitchen as the heart of a home, which is why updates pay off. When it comes to kitchen renovations, though, don’t go overboard. Minor kitchen remodels can pay off more than over-the-top, upscale remodels, depending on your home and neighborhood.

  1. Add space.

Boosting square footage is typically a good investment, when done correctly. Whether you knock out walls to create a flowing open-floor plan, or decide on a family room or two-story addition, adding space to your home is most often a valuable investment. Discuss square footage and floor plans with a professional custom home builder before committing to the project, in order to get the most bang for your buck.

  1. Siding, roofing, window replacements.

Functional updates, like siding, roofing, or window replacement can improve curb appeal, increase energy efficiency, and be a valuable expenditure for homeowners. These home improvement projects show potential buyers that the home is well taken care of, which is a huge selling point. They also improve its overall aesthetic, which is always advantageous.

Before you dive into home improvement projects, it’s important to weigh your options. Consider hiring a custom home builder to examine your home and offer advice. While home renovations don’t always guarantee results, a team of professionals can give you insight into home design trends and potential buyers’ desires, and most of all, can help save you money in the long run.

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