So, you need more space. Maybe you started a new home-based business. Maybe you have a new addition to the family or your children are moving back home, or maybe you just have too much stuff. No matter the reason, your current space is just not big enough.

Well, lucky for you, you don’t need to move out! There are at least eight ways you can add more space to your home! Here are some of the most common ways to expand and maximize your current space.

1. Convert (the basement, attic, or garage)

Think about your current attic, garage, or basement space. Are you utilizing these areas to their fullest, or just using them for storing extra junk? Instead of letting these spaces go to waste, clear them out and convert them into something more useful for your lifestyle–another bedroom, a playroom, a home office, etc.

2. Connect to the yard

Probably the most common add-on to a home is a room connecting to the back yard. Generally these are kitchen or family room additions, especially in older homes. The best part? Your home has a stronger connection to the outdoors.

3. Organize and store

The most wasted space in any home is the vertical space. Look up and down and you’ll see a plethora of missed storage opportunities that will save you tons of space. Before thinking about building a new room or tearing down walls, it’s vital to maximize existing space. Design the correct storage for your individual needs (think multi-use furniture, creative shelving, etc.) and dedicate a specific place for everything in your home. You’ll be shocked at how much extra space you have!

4. Repurpose a room

This just in: all rooms don’t necessarily need to be used for their intended purpose. Shocking, right? Think about the rooms in your home that you never use–maybe that formal dining room you only walk into twice a year. Look at your home accordingly and think about what your functional needs are, then repurpose those barely-used rooms into something more livable.

5. Turn two rooms into one

Rather than creating actual space, you can create the illusion of space by knocking down some interior walls. Or in other words, turning two closed-off rooms into one open area. Be careful before attempting this on your own, though. Walls are usually there for a reason, so consulting with a home remodeling contractor is a good idea.

6. Pocket doors

Another way of saving valuable floor space is by adding pocket doors. They will add architectural charm while saving the space a regular door would use to swing into a room. While a small and simple solution, a pocket door can truly help your space feel larger and more airy.

7. Build up

The sky’s the limit! Add on to your home by building up. Not only does this give you ample opportunity for additional space, but also adds value to your home. This is usually best for smaller homes, and ones with little land available for building. While more expensive than some other space-adding techniques, this gives you a way to truly create the home you always wanted. It’s pretty difficult to manage this one on your own, so hiring a professional home builder is required.

8. Build out

Another way to create an entirely new space is by building out. This is better for homes with ample land available and limited housing restrictions. It’s definitely a more expensive option than some of the others but, like building up, it allows you to create an entirely new space unhindered by existing structures. It also boosts resale value!

You probably already have extra space on your property somewhere just waiting for you to use it to its fullest potential. Take a step back and discover which way of adding space is best for you and your home. Need help figuring it out? The professionals at Sandy Spring Builders are experts at home building and remodeling and can help turn your current space into your dream home. Contact us today and tell us about your project!