Natural light in your home can boost your mood, productivity, energy and your overall wellbeing. But, what if your brand new home lacks illumination? Rest assured, there are always ways to brighten up your space, appreciate shadows, and make the most of the natural light your home does have. Whether you want to make some quick fixes or full-scale permanent solutions, harnessing sunlight is within your reach. Let there be light!

Here’s some tips and tricks to add more natural light to your home.


Quick Fixes

Rearrange your furniture.

Do a quick scan of each room in your home in search of shadows. Any piece of furniture that blocks light or casts significant shadows should be moved accordingly. The light that comes in should have room to roam, rather than being blocked off by barriers. Try to choose furniture with delicate frames do light can easily move around it.

Add strategically-placed mirrors.

Placing mirrors in strategic spots around your home can help bounce light into those dark, gloomy corners. A great trick is to hang a mirror of the same size directly across from a window to give the illusion of two illuminated spots, rather than just one!

Change up your window treatments.

The right window treatments can make all the difference. Try sheer white curtains, window shades, solar shades, or other airy window treatments. You want them to diffuse the sun beams without cutting them out, and still offering appropriate privacy.

Decorate intelligently.

You’d be surprised what a difference smart decorating choices can make. You want to keep decor choices brighter in color so they reflect natural light. Shiny, satin paints will also help bounce light around the room to keep things sunny and cheerful!

Head outside.

While many subtle changes indoors can help brighten up your space, there are all some outdoor tweaks that can make a world of a difference. Walk around your house and inspect any trees or bushes that could be obstructing your windows. Trim them down accordingly and watch how much extra natural light is distributed into your home.

Full-scale Changes

Remove or replace doors.

Removing those doors that block light flow and close off rooms, or replacing them with glass doors is a fabulous option for brightening things up! You could even widen up doorways to help the light flow. Just be sure to talk to a professional about your options first!

Get rid of non-weight bearing walls.

Removing non-weight bearing walls from your home—the ones between common rooms that keep things closed off—can allow daylight to extend further into your home and give your rooms a much-needed brightening.

Install skylights or tubular daylight devices.

The most exciting way to add natural light to our home is to install skylights! Make your home feel like a movie set with some carefully-planned and strategically-placed skylights or tubular daylight devices. These options can bring in natural light in a surprising way, while offering privacy and an ethereal glow.

Natural light is often overlooked when homebuyers fall in love with houses. Then they find themselves in a dim, dreary version of their dream home. Luckily, there are many ways to adjust and add more natural light to your home. Try some of these quick fixes, or contact a professional to help you make full-scale changes to improve the illumination in your home. A bright home is a happy home!