The founders of Bluemercury, the growing luxury cosmetic chain, moved into a Bethesda, MD home previously built by Sandy Spring Builders, and they adore it! While it was originally custom built for the previous owners, the team at Sandy Spring helped convert it into the Beck family paradise.

The Bethesda home took about 8 months to remodel into the blue sanctuary it is today. Marla Malcolm Beck’s addiction to the color blue began early in her childhood. Not only did she and her husband Barry name their company Bluemercury, but their home is now a shrine of shades of blue—from the palest robin’s egg blue to deep navy. Once a dark, yet elegant French country home, the Beck’s home has been transformed into a bright, creatively cheerful atmosphere that suits them impeccably.

In order to attain the Beck’s fantasy home, the team at Sandy Spring Builders had to make some key changes. Marla’s ideal home had a straight shot through the back when you walked through the front door. Luckily, the stairs were already off to the side, but walls and doors were removed and openings were widened in order to create the seamless money shot sightline. According to Phil Leibovitz, CEO of Sandy Spring Builders, these changes really transformed the overall feel of the home.

The heart of the home? The integrated kitchen, sunroom, breakfast room, and family room. The open and versatile space makes it easy for the whole family to engage with one another while still having their own personal space. Marla says it’s the most-used area in the entire house.

See the Becks’ blue paradise in the virtual tour.