Friday Fabulous Home Feature: Porch Appeal

Your front porch is the entrance to your castle and a key element in your home’s curb appeal – so make it inviting and welcoming.  The appearance of your home as people walk or drive by is enhanced with the use of an interesting mix of porch materials, landscaping leading up to the entryway and plants on the porch, colors such as a bold front door or complementary shutters, and architectural details. […]

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Looking for Trees?

Pepco is providing trees to the District of Columbia & Maryland customers, Oaks, Maples and other varieties to provide more green coverage in Washington, D.C.. Pepco announced today that it will provide 1,350 free trees to customers in the District of Columbia and Maryland through the Energy-Saving Trees program. It’s the sixth year of the partnership that helps customers conserve energy and reduce household electric bills through strategic tree planting. […]

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