If you want to keep warm in the winter and add value to your house, consider investing in a cozy fireplace. These tips can help you choose a functional yet attractive fireplace for your house.

Is a Fireplace Right for You?

Before you start designing your house with a fireplace, think about the following ways it can enhance your quality of life:

  • Cozy and sentimental: You may recall moments where you’ve sat around the fire and shared stories with your friends and family. A fireplace can help a cold house feel like a cozy home as you gather and build new memories with your loved ones.
  • Easy to maintain: Besides cleaning and inspecting it for blemishes, you don’t need to spend a lot of time or energy taking care of your fireplace. You can clean a wood-burning or electric fireplace like you take care of your floors or stove, by removing debris and scrubbing it clean with soap, water and a nylon brush.
  • Easy to use: After you’ve gathered the firewood for your wood-burning fireplace, you can easily use it without much difficulty. Electric units turn on with a remote control, and gas ones have an on/off switch and a dial to adjust the temperature.
  • Raises your resale value: Whether you want to sell your house or build equity, the money you put into installing a fireplace is minimal compared to what you can gain from it. Potential homebuyers appreciate having a fireplace in their living space, so they may even be willing to put in a higher offer.
  • Save you money on your utility bills: Since your fireplace produces heat, you can save money on your energy costs in the winter. It’s helpful to place it close to the center of your main living area so the warmth can spread throughout most of your home.
  • Plenty of design options: You have the freedom to design your fireplace according to your aesthetic preferences. This decorative element can complement your modern or traditional home with unique colors and materials that create a focal point.

What Fireplace Should You Have in Your Home?

1. Wood-Burning Fireplace

A wood-burning fireplace is most famous for its aesthetic appeal as it crackles wood and warms up the house. If you have plenty of firewood nearby, you can affordably heat your living space.

2. Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces can connect to your home’s existing gas supply. They’re efficient and tend to have the highest heat output to provide a warm, comfortable environment. You can install either a direct-vent or ventless version, depending on your home’s space for a chimney.

3. Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces feature a heating element and a built-in screen that displays a roaring fire. You can easily adjust the heat to suit your preferences, and the fire can stay on without making the room hot. 

4. Pellet Stove Fireplace

A pellet stove fireplace operates like a wood-burning one, except it doesn’t need firewood. Instead, you can use compressed wood or biomass pellets that can generate a steady flow of heat. 

5. Bioethanol Fireplace

In this new type of fireplace, the liquid bioethanol creates a blue flame that can complement a modern design. Most units have a refillable burner that powers the heat source, and they feature an on/off switch that controls the system.