Nothing screams “uninspiring!” quite like a dull, gray office space. Considering gray is the color of concrete and warships, it doesn’t exactly spark creativity. In fact, according to a recent study, gray offices don’t just feel stale, they can bring feelings of despair.

Colors are more powerful than we often give them credit for. They can change our moods, inspire us, and impact our productivity for better or for worse. So, when you’re choosing paint colors for your office, take heart. You want a vivid medley that stimulates your mind and sparks creativity without distracting from the overall goal. Here are three paint colors that work well for a productive and inspiring office space.

1. Pale blue or green

Calming blues and green are said to improve efficiency and focus. Since they’re both common shades in Mother Nature’s palette, they help you feel inspired, at ease, and just happier overall — all key elements in boosting productivity. If you’re working long hours, pale green or blue will help you remain efficient without burning out.

2. Red

Some people need to feel calm in order to be productive, while others need their passion ignited. That’s when red hues in an office work well. As a high-wavelength color, it is active, intense, and sometimes alarming. It is said to increase your heart rate and get your passionate juices flowing.

3. Yellow

Yellow is thought by psychologists to increase energy and bring a fresh, optimistic perspective. It triggers innovation and inspiration and works exceptionally well in creative environments. Artists, writers, designers, and musicians should consider yellow when painting their work spaces.

Whatever color you choose for your home office, keep in mind you want it to inspire you without distracting you. The “right” color will be different for everyone, but shades of gray rarely work for anyone. Try a shade that’s expressive, vivid, and unique. And most of all, make sure you actually like it.