Reclaimed wood is seeing an upsurge in praise and popularity in custom home design. Modern interior design trends bring a new sense of purpose to reclaimed wood materials, and truly allow for limitless opportunities around the home. You can use it to balance an overly neutral space, to warm up the presence of stainless steel or concrete, or even to create the vintage charm of an industrial farmhouse.

Ordinarily created from the wood of deconstructed warehouses, barns, factories, and other buildings, reclaimed wood is an eco-friendly design trend that brings texture, eccentricity, warmth, and a deep history to your home. No two reclaimed wood designs are the same, as each piece exhibits its own unique past. It can be used in a variety of ways, from modest furniture pieces to full-room installations. Weathered wood brings a customized natural touch to modern homes, which is only one of many reasons it’s become so prominent in home design trends.

Here are a few contributing factors to the surge in popularity of reclaimed wood.


Recycling and repurposing wood in homes is a purposeful path to sustainable living. In a time when people are truly concerned with the environment, using reclaimed wood is a way for them to feel like they’re doing something helpful. Knowing the lumber is getting a second life through sustainable design is a major determinant for its demand.

Character and individuality

Repurposed lumber adds character and individuality to luxury homes. The well-worn look and imperfections from former lives are indisputably charming. No two pieces are exactly alike, which gives a sense of uniqueness to any home. The texture and variegated hues make a stylistic statement no matter how the wood is incorporated.


The rich, natural tones of reclaimed wood bring a warm and welcoming feeling to homes. Few things feel cozier than the authenticity of natural elements. Whether it’s used in simple furniture pieces or full-scale in custom home design, aged and restored lumber boosts that warm feeling in homes.


What better way to honor the past than by using a piece of history in your home? Recycled wood brings curiosity and intrigue into homes by adding a layer of history. Each board or beam has a former life, in which it’s gained unique marks, patinas, and character. It integrates modern home design with genuine antique charm.

While the use of reclaimed wood is not a new concept, its surge in popularity has made it a prominent custom home design trend. It offers a customized natural charm that many homeowners desire. Contact Sandy Spring Builders today for more information on how you can incorporate this design trend in your new home or renovation project!