Baby, it’s cold outside…but you can still play golf!

If you have a passion for golf and don’t want the weather to stop you from playing year round, an indoor golf range could be just what you need. Though the golf simulator has been around since the early 1970s, today’s technology has catapulted its. Not only are they used in commercial facilities as an alternative to weathering outdoor courses, but they have also become a trend in custom home designs. Many homeowners are incorporating the indoor golf range in their home design so they can polish their golf skills whenever they desire.

Golf simulators today have the ability to transport you to competitive courses worldwide through true 3-D technology. You hit the ball, just as you would at an outdoor range, and your distance, speed, angles, etc. are all replicated through the virtual golf course. While you don’t get the full experience of walking (or riding) to and from each hole, it’s truly the next best thing to a real golf course! You can polish, play, and compete from the comfort of your home.

There are several reasons the indoor golf range has become such a trend in custom home design.

  1. They are weatherproof! Rain, snow, or excessive heat can’t stop you from playing when you have a golf simulator in your home.

  2. They improve your game. Many simulators have instructional modes to help you analyze and improve your game. You can also practice any time you want, which allows you to consistently work on your skills rather than waiting around until the next time you’re at the course.

  3. They’re versatile. Golf simulators provide a wide variety of course options so you’ll never be stuck playing the same old course continuously.

  4. You can use your own equipment. Most indoor video games force you to use the provided equipment. However, with an indoor golf simulator, you are able to use your own clubs and balls to help you further improve your game.

  5. They’re fun. You’ll always have something to do indoors on a rainy or snowy day with an indoor golf range. They’re also great for entertaining guests!

Indoor golf ranges are just one of the brilliant ways that the world’s most popular sports merge with the places we live. Sandy Spring Builders has seen this home design trend growing amongst custom homeowners and has constructed several. Clients who have incorporated these indoor golf rooms and other specialty rooms in their homes couldn’t be happier with the decision.

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