It’s about that time to start decking the halls of your home with all things merry and bright.

For the Outdoors:

Starting with the exterior of your home, we suggest using packaged winter greenery to decorate your mailbox, lightpost, window boxes, porch railings, etc. Once your greenery is in place, accent it with lights and bows for a polished and completed look.

For the Home:

We recommend using faux greenery. You might think that sounds like we’ve had too much eggnog, but these days you simply can’t tell the difference. The higher the quality, the longer it will last (for years!), and the better it will look. But don’t stop there. Dress them up with bows, pine cones, and faux red berries for an extra festive look.

For the Tree:

Now the big question–should the tree be artificial or real? Always get a real Christmas tree over an artificial one, if for nothing else than that wonderful evergreen scent. If you love the evergreen scent as much as we do, then we suggest lighting scented candles throughout your home as well. There’s nothing quite like the glow of candles to round out your holiday decor and give your home that warm holiday ambiance. Don’t forget to water your tree every day. This will help keep the needles from falling out prematurely, and it really does work.

After you’ve adorned your tree with ornaments and strung it with lights, it’s time to place poinsettias around your home. Make sure they’re placed in a basket or container–a bow is an added bonus. Make sure all of the bows match to keep a cohesive look.

For the Dinner Table:

If you’re thinking of going the DIY route for the holiday dinner table, take 3-7 vases or containers of various shapes and sizes (things look better in odd numbers), and spread them down the table in a line. This creates a custom look that is easy to achieve. Fill the vases or containers with flowers of your liking, and accent them with greenery, such as lemon leaf. To keep your flowers fresh, remember to change the water every third day and recut the stems on the diagonal. Make sure to feed the flowers, too.

We think that keeping it simple is always the best approach. Doing something as easy as filling a crystal bowl with red and green ornaments, pine cones, or even apples looks visually stunning and adds to your home décor

Keep it simple, Santa!