Impress your guests with tasteful, and festive, decor

Go natural

Many earthy options are available for the holiday season, such as pine, cedar, eucalyptus, balsam, juniper, and boxwood. To make a contemporary garland, mix in a few different greens with simple metallic objects, berries, and branches. A daily spritz of water will help keep all greens fresh and prevent your garland from drying out too quickly. If you start with a faux garland as the base, you can easily wire and work in fresh greens. There is nothing better than the incredible scents created by these fresh-cut options.

Think small

Instead of going for a big overall impact, spread a little holiday cheer in every room with a special touch. An ornament hung on a mirror, a sprig snipped from your Christmas tree in a glass on the bathroom sink, or bundles of books with spines in hues that coordinate with your color scheme stacked and tied with ribbon will foster a holiday mood in a chic way.

Think out design ahead of time

Set up your vision beforehand based on the color palette you want to use, whether all white, orange and spice, or Scottish tartan—and then lay ribbons and accessories that reflect the scheme out on a mood board to see how they look together before purchasing.