Luxury Craftsman homes embrace simplicity, eclectic architecture, and natural materials. They may be a fusion of Asian architectural details and the English Arts and Crafts movement, but Craftsman style homes are a distinctly American creation. Brothers Charles and Henry Greene mastered the style in Southern California at the turn of the 20th century. The Craftsman featured wood and other natural materials, rather than succumbing to new architectural influences from the Industrial Revolution.

National periodicals like House Beautiful and Ladies’ Home Journal showcased the Craftsman home design, leading it to great popularity from about 1905 to the 1920s. It was replaced after the ‘20s by mid-century modern architecture like the ranch style, but came back to the forefront in the late 20th century and it remains popular today.

What defines a luxury Craftsman style home is the eclectic details. There are many unique characteristics that truly make the Craftsman a Craftsman, but here are five of its prominent features.

1. Low-pitched gabled roof

The roof of a true Craftsman style home is low-slung, with unenclosed eaves and exposed rafter tails. These roof structures are better suited in places with warmer climates, as snow and ice accumulation can be an issue.

2. Front porch6810Barrett

The Craftsman style is simply not complete unless it has a front porch, whether it’s full or partial, underneath the main roof, or under its own extended roof.



3. Tapered columnsLuxury Craftsman Custom Home

Tapered columns are a distinctive characteristic of Craftsman homes. No matter the style and variation, the columns act as support for the porch roof. Typically they are short and sit on stone or brick piers that extend to the ground. However, there’s a great deal of flexibility and versatility when it comes to column choices.


4. Open floor plan

When the Craftsman was created, it rejected the small, boxy rooms like the Victorian homes featured. Instead, an open floor plan is a key element to what distinguishes this home style.

5. Earthy Colors

Luxury Craftsman Custom HomeThis home style uses a color palette inspired by nature to ensure it blends seamlessly with its surroundings. Typically muted, earthy shades of brown and green are used with one or two contrasting trim colors that highlight the architectural elements.

Visible craftsmanship defines the luxury Craftsman style home, along with distinguishable architectural details and eclectic design. It’s a work of art that doubles as a functioning living space. Sandy Spring Builders would love to collaborate with you on this work of art. Contact us today to get started on building your masterpiece.