Choosing a home style can be an overwhelming challenge. After all, this is your dream home we’re talking about. So, you want to choose wisely. Understanding the way in which you and your family live, and your basic wants and needs are both key to selecting the best custom floor plan for you.

Think of what aspects are truly important to you—i.e., Do you need a lot of storage space? Will you frequently be entertaining guests? Do you need extra room for a changing family dynamic (kids, relatives staying over, parents moving in, etc.) Your lifestyle and family needs are unique and distinct to you, and your home style should reflect that.

Location, location, location

Don’t get immersed in style and design until you have located your property. Once you find your location, you can gauge what style fits in with the surrounding area, and assess the different criteria that will affect design, including (but not limited to) size of the lot, grade and development cost, access and availability to utilities, building restrictions, and exposure to natural light. The geographical location and natural landscaping features of your lot will have a major impact on the house style you choose.

Custom Home Floor Plan

While considering what floor plan is right for you, livability is the most important aspect. Despite your aesthetic preferences, the way you and your family truly LIVE should be the deciding factor for your home style. Consider the people who will actually be living in the home (currently, or in the future). If you have (or expect) an elderly relative living with you, you’ll need to accommodate that in your floor plan with limited stairs, wider doorways, or even a private in-law suite. If you have kids that may move back in after college, or expect to soon start a family, you’ll need to consider adding extra bedrooms or private space in the floor plan. If you plan on doing a lot of entertaining, you may want to consider an open layout between the kitchen, dining, and living spaces to make it easier to accommodate guests. If you work from home, a more flexible and convertible floor plan may suit your needs. Your custom home floor plan should truly match how you currently live and how you plan to live in the future.

Popular home styles… Are they for you?

Common home styles may look appealing to you, but do they actually fit your lifestyle needs? Here are a few of the most popular house styles and the features they provide.

  • Modern – This home style suits the ultra-modern, design-driven individual. It features open, airy space, and a hip aesthetic that is perfect for entertaining.
  • Victorian – This type of house includes separate, closed off rooms rather than an open layout. The design aesthetic is fancy, yet cozy and features many nooks and comfortable spaces. Perfect for those who think of their home as a cozy, private sanctuary.
  • Cape Cod – The Cape Cod is very cozy, like a Victorian. However, it is generally much smaller and less complex, architecture-wise. It’s perfect for small families who live a traditional and simple lifestyle.
  • Colonial – The Colonial style is the polar opposite of an open floor plan. It’s the classic American home style; a symmetrical facade, 2-stories, formal entrance smack dab in the center.
  • Ranch – These are single-level, open and airy homes. They feature open space, big yards, and plenty of storage. They are ideal for empty-nesters or retirees and are pretty low-maintenance.
  • Transitional – The perfect home style for those who can’t decide on one single style. Transitional home styles are a mix between contemporary aesthetics and traditional architecture.

Your luxury home builder can help you understand the features (and drawbacks) of the main house styles and quirky contemporary styles to help you find a home that works not only for your style but for the way you live. Talk with your luxury home builder for guidance on your decision. After all, this if YOUR custom home; you should be pleased with the end result. Whatever your style, Sandy Spring Builders can build the custom home of your dreams!