Whether you are planning to remodel, or designing your dream home from the ground up, every choice you make will impact the way you live.

Before you start deciding on finishes and furnishings, take some time to think about how easy it will be to keep your home clean and clutter free. It’s something that tends to slip our minds with all the excitement of designing or renovating a home, but it’s a factor that will impact our daily lives. Living in a home is much more than just the appearance. It’s about the livability and quality of our everyday lives, including simple tasks like cleaning.

Do you value your time? Do you want to reduce stress and cleaning efforts in your everyday life and have a house that always appears neat and clean? Well, here are 5 ways you can design an easy to clean home.

1. From the ground up

An easy to clean home design starts from the ground—or, in other words, your floor selection—up. With everyone walking on it, the floor gets dirty pretty quickly, so you want to choose floors that are easy to maintain and hard to stain. Light to mid-range floors don’t show dirt and dust easily, so go for a color within the center of the spectrum. Stained concrete with protective sealant, laminate or luxury vinyl tile in a wood-look, or hardwood floors are the best options.

2.Storage solutions

Proper planning for your storage is critical when creating an easy to clean home. Make use of every inch of space, and don’t forget to look up and down, as well as side to side. Follow these two main tips for quick-clean-up storage solutions.

  • Put storage close to the spot where items are actually used. In other words, if you are storing blankets, you probably don’t want to keep them in the kitchen.
  • Store things you use most often in easy-to-reach places, and keep rarely used items in the higher up, harder-to-reach spots.

3. Laundry room placement

While laundry areas typically used to be placed in the basement or garage, these spots are not very convenient for livability and cleaning. Think about the location of your laundry room carefully.

Where would be your ideal spot? Near the kitchen, so you can complete all household chores within the same area? Near your bedroom so you can easily pull clothes out of the dryer and transport them to your closet? Or even next to your master bathroom, so you can toss your clothes in the laundry bin when you hop in the shower? Your ideal spot will be different than your neighbors, so just consider your options before you make a final plan.


4. Opt for quality over price

While those cheaper paints and furniture coverings are tempting, they usually are not resistant to stains, which is a major factor to consider if you have children and pets. If you opt for the higher quality paints and coverings, they may cost more, but their durability will pay off in the long run. You’ll also have an easier time cleaning the walls without being fearful of removing the paint. Leather furniture is a favorite for those with children and pets as well, as it is easy to wipe off. However, leather in darker colors like taupe, gray, chocolate, or black, are the best choices, since they won’t blatantly show stains or scratches.

With the excitement of building a new home, livability may slip your mind. But, what good is your dream home if your day-to-day life is unpleasant? Decide what works for you and your lifestyle, then design an easy to clean home that aligns with that. Remember, your dream home is just as much about practicality as it is beauty.