With the holidays right around the corner, many of us have holiday parties and end of the year celebrations on our minds. Being able to entertain is one of the many joys of owning a home. For CEO’s and business owners, the right space presents a stage for business events, holiday parties, and other gatherings right at home. For others, the right space allows for large family gatherings or intimate dinner parties. So, what makes the perfect entertainment space? What’s the best way to design your home to host events?

A great entertainment headquarters should match your style, and of course, one size does not fit all. However, there are a few universal home features to consider when planning an ideal party hotspot: open floor plans, navigation and flow, multifunctional rooms, and outdoor living spaces.

Open Floor Plans

open-kitchen-diningAn open floor plan is almost mandatory to truly create a home for hosting events. The open, airy aesthetic is breathable and spacious, but encourages togetherness and flexibility in homes.

Most open floor plans combine a kitchen, dining area, and living area into one elaborate “great room.” The great room allows hosts to interact with guests even as they work to prepare food. It allows the host to be a part of the action, rather than working in isolation to accommodate his or her guests. It encourages communication while still supporting personal space among individuals.

Open floor plans can feel a bit overwhelming at times, however. The key is create intimate settings within the open floor plan to provide structure and balance.

Navigation and Flow

Just as nobody likes traffic jams on the road, nobody likes traffic jams in a house either. Navigation and flow are vital to an effective entertainment space. Natural transitioning and navigable flow allow people to move effortlessly through the home. They aren’t bumping into furniture, cutting across work space, interrupting personal spaces, or getting stuck in traffic jams. Create a floor plan with logical pathways that flow from one space to the next and wide hallways to avoid roadblocks. And when placing furniture and designing the interior, be vigilant about movement and use these elements to promote traffic flow.

Multifunctional Rooms

To design a home for hosting events, it needs to be able to accommodate everything from a dinner for two, a small, intimate gathering, and a large party. This is why flexibility and multifunctionality are major factors in home design. Rooms in your home shouldn’t be designed for single functions; you need a space that can transform itself into what you need it to be.

For example, the kitchen is no longer a space reserved for cooking only. It’s for entertaining and socializing as well. So, when planning the layout, keep in mind its various functions. You don’t want the cooking space and the seating arrangements so spread apart that you can’t hold a conversation!

Outdoor Living Spaces

featuredhomemarchOutdoor entertainment is at the heart of house parties. So, when designing a home for hosting, homeowners should be setting an accessible outdoor stage and easing transitions between inside and out. Ideally, the floor plan should flow effortlessly between the outdoor space and the kitchen and living area, as these are the places guests typically occupy. The blending of indoor and outdoor spaces allows guests to have entertainment options, which truly makes for a perfect host house.

Whether you’re preparing to host your family or employees, the right home design can give you the confidence to entertain. Think about the flow of navigation, transitioning between indoors and outdoors, giving rooms multiple functions, and creating a well-balanced open floor plan. Designing the right home to host can help set the scene for memorable parties and celebrations year after year.

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