4 Tips for Clean Dog Lovers

Dogs are an important part of the family, but if the idea of bathing your furry best friend in your pristine claw-foot tub makes you anxious, a dog-washing station might be the best home improvement decision you’ll ever make. Dog bathing stations can be a great addition to a mudroom, laundry room, or basement. Here’s a few tips for planning your best friend’s bathroom.

1. Consider their size and age.

First, be sure your dog’s bath is large enough for your pooch to stand and turn around. If you have a smaller dog consider a raised sink or elevated tub. Be careful to keep their age in mind too, how long will they be able to jump into a raised bath? Will you be able to lift them or should steps be added?

2. Make it multi-purpose.

Consider your other needs, pet bathing stations are also great places to water plants, rinse off gardening tools, and clean muddy shoes (or muddy people).

3. Anticipate the shake.

As every dog lover knows, bath time ends with a shake. This means water everywhere. Be sure the floor and walls surrounding your doggie bath can stand up to water. Add a shelf or towel rack so you can attempt to dry them before they shake off. And, if your dog is the type that frantically runs around the house in circles after a bath (it’s called FRAPing), we recommend adding a door to your pet’s bathroom.

4. Double the drain.

The drain of the dog wash station has to handle a lot more hair than a typical shower, so you’ll need a bigger drain and a hair filter over the drain.

Preview a few of Sandy Spring Builders’ dog washing stations.  Do you have more tips? Comment below.