It’s summer, and everyone has been inside for so many months. We think it’s time to celebrate one of the things we love most about warm weather, and that’s POOLS! Whether our clients are interested in swimming laps, having a place for kids to splash, or providing the feeling of an oasis – pools are definitely in demand. Half of the homes we delivered in 2019 had pools, and six of the homes we currently have under construction will have a pool. With the trend towards spending more time at home and less time at crowded public places for the rest of this summer, pools will certainly continue to be a desirable new home feature. Enjoy these photos of some fabulous pools from our portfolio.

Featured Neighborhood

Bethesda – A Brief History

Sandy Spring Builders is proudly based in Bethesda, Maryland, where many of our homes have been built. We are happy to provide a little history lesson about this small urban/suburban city that has become increasingly popular over the past few decades. Bethesda was named after a local meeting house from the early 1800’s that derived its name from the biblical “Pool of Bethesda” (now the Baptist Church on Rockville Pike). It was a stopping point on the road that stretched from Georgetown all the way to Frederick. It was a small village that consisted of the church, a blacksmith, a community school, and handful of home. The introduction of the streetcar in 1890 helped the spread of suburbanization and some of the old farmlands became neighborhoods that we know of today – Edgemoor, Greenwich Forest, Battery Park. Post WWII brought the development of the NIH Complex and National Naval Medical Center, which drew other government institutions and businesses to Bethesda and the population doubled. The addition of Metro in 1984 was the last catalyst to the major growth that has made Bethesda such a desirable place to live with restaurants, shops, parks, the Crescent Trail, and so many other amenities.