Your home is your sanctuary, your haven, your oasis. Shouldn’t it promote positive energy and leave you with a clear mind and a calm heart? Well, that’s exactly where feng shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy and practice, comes in.

What is feng shui?

Literally speaking, feng shui is translated as “wind and water.” It dates back 5,000+ years to ancient Chinese culture, and its intent is to enhance living environments and improve energy flow. Feng shui is based on universal principles and laws of nature that many believe help us achieve happiness, prosperity, and positivity. It’s looking at your environment beyond the surface and helping energy—called chi—flow naturally and freely throughout it.

Is it real?

There is actually no scientific evidence proving feng shui’s power and potentiality. The evidence of its effectiveness is based merely on anecdotes from practitioners and tenacious belief from feng shui masters. It’s been debated for years with many believing it’s just pseudoscience. But, one thing is for sure: your environment does have effects on you, whether feng shui is legit or not.

5 Feng Shui Basics For Your Home

Maybe you’re skeptical or maybe you’re a true believer in the power of feng shui. Try it out for yourself and see what it does for your home. Here are 5 basic principles to transform the energy in your home.

  1. No clutter

Nothing should be blocking the flow of air and energy throughout your home. That is why the cardinal rule of feng shui is NO CLUTTER. Decluttering your home is a must for a home that flows with positive energy. Try dedicating about 15 minutes a day to organizing and decluttering to allow the air to pass through effortlessly.

  1. Front door

Your entryway is basically what sets the mood for your entire home. It should always feel welcoming, and help bring good energy into your home. It should be clutter-free, well lit, clean, and open easily. Specific front door colors can bring specific vibes into your home; red is said to bring wealth, blue is said to bring relaxation, green is said to bring growth, etc.

  1. Remove broken elements

This principle is pretty much a given, but broken items in your home reflect a sense of brokenness. Remove, replace, or repair anything in your home that is broken, whether it’s a burnt out light bulb or a drawer that gets stuck. As you remove or fix these broken elements, it symbolizes positive change and boosts the energy around your home.

  1. Plant something

Plants bring vibrant energy into your home and absorb toxins to purify the air. The larger the plant, the better. Bamboo, lilies, and jade are all good choices. If you have no room for a large plant, one small plant is better than none!

  1. Bed location

In feng shui, it’s all about location. Your bed, one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home, should be placed in the commanding position. In other words, you should have a clear vision of the entryway, but never in line with the door. A diagonal approach from across the room is often best. The strategic positioning allows you to see who is entering the room and provides a sense of security.

Feng shui has many universal elements and properties to follow, but these 5 should get you started. Even the smallest changes to your home environment can have a powerful effect on you, whether feng shui is scientifically proven or not.

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