Your workspace has the ability to inspire productivity, creativity, and motivation. However, if designed poorly, it can do the opposite. Your home office may often slide to the bottom of your decorating to-do list, but the arrangement of this space is vital to your overall performance within it. The ancient Chinese art of feng shui for your home office can improve the energy of your work environment, help you deal with distractions, keep you balanced, and inspire your best work.

By organizing the furniture to balance the space, the principles of feng shui can also enhance the energy of a room, subsequently enhancing your personal energy. Here are a few tips for embracing the art of feng shui in your home office.

1. Room Choice.

The space you choose for your home office is more important than you may think. Basements and other dim, dull spaces are poor choices for home offices. They are low energy and uninspiring spaces that will lower productivity and positive vibes. Bedrooms are feng shui don’ts as well, as they violate the work/life balance. While you are trying to sleep, your subconscious will start telling you to get back to work, and while working, your subconscious will feel lethargic and want to sleep. It’s a lose/lose situation. The best room choice for your home office is a space that is well-lit, open, and close to the front of the house.

2. Desk Placement.

Perhaps the most important feng shui element for your home office is the placement of your desk. Ideally, your desk should be positioned so that you can see the door or entryway to your office. This is known as the commanding position, and is similar to the way you would position your bed. It’s also best to have a solid wall or other structure behind you, instead of a window. These techniques allow for support, focus, and preparedness for whatever comes your way. If you are unable to position your desk this way, try mounting a small mirror so that you can see behind you at all times.

3. Declutter.

One of the key principles to feng shui is decluttering, regardless of space and regardless of which room you are decorating. Too much clutter blocks natural energy flow and interferes with inspiration and productivity. Keep your desk area clear of clutter to keep inspiration and creativity flowing naturally.

4. Incorporate wood for creativity.

Utilizing the spiritual elements within feng shui can promote distinctive feelings and sensations. For inspiration and creativity, try incorporating wood into your atmosphere. Use a wooden desk, chair, or other knick knack to boost the inspiring vibes within your home office. For the most effective design, place wooden elements in the east corner of the room.

5. Use fire for productivity.

Fire is representative of passion and excitement, and is also known to be the most powerful of all the elements. By placing this element in your home office, you can boost activity and energy and promote more productivity. Burn candles or light a fireplace to encourage this powerful element to work in your office, but remember to place it in the southern corner of the room for the best effect.

Working in a low-energy, uninspiring space will leave you feeling tired and unproductive. These feng shui tips can enhance the energy of a home office to improve your atmosphere and overall work ethic. Regardless of whether you believe in its abilities, simply reorganizing and redesigning your space can boost productivity, inspiration, and energy as a whole. Try incorporating these elements into your home office and watch the power of feng shui work in your life.