Does Your Personality Have an Urban Core?

While looking for a new home, you probably consider factors like proximity to friends and family, cost of living, and the business-friendly atmosphere. Research shows, however, that your personality, above everything else, dictates whether you’ll want to live in an urban core, the suburbs, or a remote, rural area.

What is an urban core?

Generally, an urban core is a city or highly developed area, full of commercial workplaces, retail shops, and high-rise residences. The terrain is very walkable, there are always things to do, and the population density is generally high.

Some may think these areas are typically crowded with millennials, but in reality, there is an eclectic mix of people in urban cores. Why? Because it is not age or life stage that determines setting, it is personality. Think about it: if you’re introverted, living in an urban area may feel overwhelming or lonely. For extroverts, however, city living is more accommodating and suiting to their personality.

The Alternative: Suburban Living

Many people fall somewhere in-between an extrovert and introvert. Maybe urban living sounds exciting, but a remote farm sounds appealing as well. In that instance, suburban living could be for you. Areas like Bethesda or Chevy Chase are excellent alternatives to living downtown. Here are a few benefits the suburbs offer:

Peace & Quiet  

While a city that never sleeps is entertaining and exhilarating, it can also be loud and draining. Not to mention, light and noise pollution can diminish quality of life. A suburban home offers some breathing space from the noise so you can sleep soundly.

Space & Nature

The excess space and the natural scenery are especially important when raising a family. Sure, you can raise a family in an urban core, but the suburbs make it a whole lot easier and less frustrating.

Income Opportunities

The great thing about areas like Bethesda, MD or Chevy Chase, MD is that they’re still close enough to commute into the city. Income opportunities are a short drive away, but after the hustle and bustle of the day, there’s peace and quiet to come home to.

Whatever your location preference— urban living,  rural, or somewhere in between Sandy Spring Builders, custom home builders in Bethesda, will create your home for your personality.  Contact us today and tell us about your project!