There are more than 50 shades of gray, and it’s no longer the gloomiest color on the spectrum! Homeowners are gradually embracing gray as a fundamental color choice in home decor. In fact, it’s on the brink of stealing the most popular spot for best selling hue from the king of color: white. As a traditionally dull and gloomy color on the spectrum, how is it making its way into so many homes? Likely due to its expansive range and its ability to complement other colors seamlessly and effortlessly.

Many people see gray as simply black and white mixed together, but the truth is, the mix is much broader. The various blend of colors allows for nearly 100 different shades of gray. These shades provide a chameleon-esque quality that other hues do not. For example, among blues, gray takes on a bluish complexion; among greens, it takes on a slightly greenish tone. This ability makes gray shades extremely versatile and easy to work with. Grays also give life and strength to other colors. As an ambiguous neutral, it harmonizes well without stealing the limelight from more prominent hues.

From furniture to decorations, interior and exterior walls to flooring, or cabinetry to bathroom and kitchen fixtures, you can expect to see the many shades of gray taking over homes. It’s definitely hot and here to stay.

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