Having the right storage can make the difference between an unuseable cluttered room and an organized and efficient work space. While free-standing furniture could provide ample storage, size-wise it does not always work with your available space. Built-in shelving and cabinetry lets you blend storage into the room so that the storage unit feels like a part of the house itself. We could sing praises all day long for built-in storage, but instead we decided to offer a few tips on designing your beautiful built-ins.

1. Measure the mess.

First, think about what you’re going to keep in your built-ins. Measure any awkward or bulky items and build accordingly. Before choosing open shelving consider whether or not the items on the shelf will make the room feel cluttered or messy. If you’re trying to hide the clutter consider closed cabinets or shelves large enough to hold baskets.

2. Plan for the room.

While some bigger rooms can handle an entire wall of shelving, smaller rooms might do better with a combination of shelves, and cabinets, or cubby holes. To create a better balance in smaller rooms mix up the depth and height of the cabinets.

3. Finishing up.

When choosing which finish to go with, look to the rest of the your home. Select a finish you’ve already used so that your cabinets blend-in seamlessly with the room’s existing look. Coordinating the trim in your house can be an easy way to create a cohesive style throughout your home.

4. Mood lighting.

Add lighting to your built-ins to create an ambience in your room or to highlight art. Mirrors or colored rope lights can also improve the mood to the room.