The kitchen tends to be one of the busiest rooms in the house, so it’s important to make this room efficient, comfortable, and functional.  Kitchen islands can be the perfect tool to add more functionality to your kitchen. Islands are no longer just additional countertop space, today’s kitchen islands are fully customizable to fit your family and your lifestyle needs.

Kitchen islands come in all sizes, small, medium, large – or even super-sized!  Some homeowners want their kitchen island to function simply as additional countertop space while others want their island to be a multi-purpose area where they can have it all, so they super-size it!

Super-sized islands, like the ones shown below, can serve as additional countertop space, with a large area for informal dining right in the kitchen. Homeowners might also add a sink, extra cabinet space, a dishwasher, or a cooktop to their super-sized islands. In the fast-food world “super-sized” is not a healthy choice, but in kitchen design it’s all about smart living.