Your front porch is the entrance to your castle and a key element in your home’s curb appeal – so make it inviting and welcoming.  The appearance of your home as people walk or drive by is enhanced with the use of an interesting mix of porch materials, landscaping leading up to the entryway and plants on the porch, colors such as a bold front door or complementary shutters, and architectural details.

The connection from your front yard to the inside of your home is an essential design feature, and can be enriched with planter boxes and pots, and furniture such as simple Adirondack chairs, over-stuffed arm chairs and loungers, or even a porch swing. It can be a place to sit and relax with neighbors, or a private place to curl up in a chair and read the paper or a favorite book. And if your porch is in the rear, it provides an opportunity to enjoy the wonders of nature in your own backyard with the comforts of your home just a few steps away.