Historic Renovation | Before and After

The construction process for this historic renovation/addition in the Village of Chevy Chase started with the digging out of the old basement which was only 6’ tall and made of stone with deteriorating mortar. Not only did we have to underpin the existing foundation but the existing foundation was in such bad shape that we had to support the old house, remove the old foundation and pour a new foundation in its place. From there we ended up rebuilding the existing home stud by stud and joist by joist to keep the historic parts and remove the rotted, termite infested structure. We had to find the old granite stone that was use on the base of the home and was no longer being quarried. We had to find the artisans who could replicate the stucco pattern to blend the old with the new and repair where the old was damaged. We went to Canada to find a company who made the old window units that still used the sash cord and weight system with antique glass to match the windows we were saving.

The home was designed to be functional and elegant, and a bit formal. The warm walnut floors set a calming and elegant tone when you walk thru the refurbished front door into the gallery like foyer. The newel post and stair railing let you know immediately that you have entered an old home and it is something special. As you walk around the first floor of this home you are taken back to another time when craftsmanship and attention to detail was the standard of the day. No detail was missed.