Why would you decorate your interior wall with stone or bricks? Because they look fantastic, and can add drama, rustic charm, or elegance to a room. It is really amazing how a brick interior can change an entire room giving it a country style, a western lodge feel, or even a modern look. You might think that a stone interior wall will give a room a cold feeling, but it can actually provide a warm atmosphere with decorative live elements like plants or other objects with powerful colors.


There are places in the house that can’t be designed with a brick or stone wall feature because of size limitations, but brick tiles or thin-cut stone can be a great substitute. We have used brick and stone for kitchens, dining rooms, breakfast rooms, wine cellars and more. Using bricks and stones for your interior design adds a luxurious appearance to your décor. Brick or stone interior details are awesome because they can change the entire perception of your home.

There is something “magical” about both bricks and stones. It may be their traditional aspect (towers, castles, cathedrals, etc.), or the solidity and comfort which they provide. It’s true – stone is a natural material and could therefore appear cold and strict.  However, this effect is only visual. Stones are, in fact, the best natural insulator that retains warmth inside. How could you defeat the visual coldness? Easy – warm colors that soften the feel, textured rugs or pillows, soft cushions, it’s limitless.

So if you want to add a little rustic charm, old world flavor, or contemporary edge – try a little brick or stone inside your home. See some of the fabulous homes by Sandy Spring Builders where interior masonry elements created a whole new look.