Let’s face it: money is generally the driving factor when purchasing a home. People will often seek the lowest price per square foot, or the lowest sale price, in hopes of economizing. Unfortunately, this is likely not going to get you the best value; it will just get you the cheapest home. No doubt about it, there is some cheap housing out there right now, but “cheap” is probably not the best way to go.

What makes a superior home? One that has more exacting standards, performs well over time, maintains its value as an investment and is built by a quality builder who stands by his work. A superior custom home is likely going to require higher initial costs, but paying the premium is a reasonable expense for the quality of the finished product. Here are three main reasons why higher initial costs are worth it for a custom home.

1. Better Materials.

Professional custom builders have higher standards for the materials that go into their homes. They cull lumber piles for the straightest studs and send the warped and knotted ones back to the lumberyard. They inspect and confirm deliveries, protect materials from weather, seek out the best warranties and track problems to weed out poor-performing materials.

When a company insists on that level of quality, and provides great attention and care, one would expect to pay a bit more. Cheap materials (and cheap houses in general) can deliver substandard results that often cost more to repair or replace than the initial premium you might pay for a higher-quality option.

2. Better Construction.

Builders who exclusively use high-quality materials do so to achieve higher overall construction quality and long-term durability. They ensure products and materials are installed properly by the most competent subcontractors, and adhere to performance standards that are far beyond what the local building code requires. Why? Because custom builders know that their reputation is on the line with every home they deliver. They understand the value of a satisfied client and treasure their long-term relationships.

As with better materials and products, a better-constructed home may (and should) cost more initially, but less over time. They require less repair, replacement, and overall maintenance in the long run.

3. A Better Experience. 

Consider the value of a hassle-free new-home project: less stress, no hurt feelings, no horror stories, no busted budgets. What is it worth to have your custom home built on schedule, for the agreed cost, with a quality builder who is there to answer your questions from groundbreaking, through move-in, and beyond?

The final product is a house that meets or exceeds your expectations, that is solidly built, with superior fit and finish. It’s livable, comfortable, and meets your lifestyle needs. In other words, a “home.” Your home.

So, are higher initial costs worth it for a custom home? In short, yes. You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.

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