If you’re looking to remodel your home in 2019, here are some home design trends that you can expect to see a lot more of for years to come. Which will you bring home?

Black and White

This truly timeless color combination should be on your list of trends to incorporate into your home’s decor this year. The visual contrast of black and white provides a sense of balance and boldness to your space.


Accessibility has become an important goal for many new-home buyers seeking to ensure that their homes will continue to fit their current and future needs. We’re seeing a trend in homeowners building homes to age-in-place, which means they that they need to be able to maneuver around it using a wheelchair, walker, or other devices.  Think wider doorways and hallways as well as stairless entryways.

An Increased Focus on Wellness

A focus on health, fitness, and overall will are at the forefront of 2019’s biggest trends. This means a greater emphasis on nature, and the relationship we have with nature. Natural, organic materials–such as wood, stone, and natural daylight and plants.


Geometric Patterns

We’ve been seeing the use of geometric patterns in home decor for years; geometric patters are expected to become a dramatic presence in 2019, and for years to come. Colors choices will be getting bolder with oversized patterns. This trend will help make a bold statement in any room. Try renovating your kitchen or bathroom with bold geometric tiles, or add some geometric pattern throw pillows to your sofa.