Americans can’t make up their minds, especially when it comes to their homes.

Turns out, according to a Trulia survey, most Americans want a bigger or smaller home than the one they currently live in. Everyone’s looking for a place that feels just right, and it seems like that’s always something different than their current pad. In fact, only 32% of people would choose a home of the same size as their current one if they were to move in a year.

Defining a dream home can be tough. Many people know what they like or what they want, but most people don’t know what they need—particularly when it comes to the amount of space. With the average size of new homes built in the U.S. at record highs—2,700 square feet, about 57% larger than those built 40 years ago—you’d expect homebuyers’ ideas of “dream homes” to reflect these larger sizes. But, bigger isn’t always better. When Trulia surveyed over 2,000 Americans about the size of their homes, here’s what they found out.

Overall Dissatisfaction

Less than a third (only 32%) of those surveyed would choose a home the same size as their current home. Or in other words, 68% are dissatisfied with their current home size.

Bigger < Smaller

The majority of those currently living in homes larger than 2,000 square feet would opt for a smaller home if they decided to move this year (about 61% vs. 39%). So maybe bigger isn’t always better?

Age Matters

When it comes to home size, those 55+ would want to downsize (36% vs 23%), while about 46% of millennials aged 18 to 36 want to go bigger. Still, at less than half, it seems as though small is the new big.

What does this mean for home size satisfaction in the U.S.?

Basically, Americans are confused. Their home size doesn’t reflect their desires, and most wouldn’t move into another house of the same size. See more detailed numbers from the survey here.

The key to satisfaction? More planning and deliberation of the space prior to building. How much space do you actually need? The experts at Sandy Spring Builders are experienced in planning and producing homes that reflect not only your desires, but what you actually require to live well.