Moving into a new home is exciting, but moving into a new neighborhood can be intimidating and overwhelming. Feeling comfortable and finding your footing in your new community is just as important as feeling happy in your home. The thing is, it can be a lot to take in—new sights, new sounds, and most of all, new people.

Fitting into your neighborhood can be tough, so here are a few tips to help make the transition go smoothly, no matter if you’re moving across the country or a few towns over.

Introduce yourself.

People are just people, they shouldn’t make you nervous. When you move into a new community, it’s important to remember the golden rule. If you’re friendly and reach out to your new neighbors, they’ll likely return the gesture. Take the initiative and make the first move!

Be approachable.

Nothing will push you further away than being closed off and aloof. Instead, create opportunities for others to welcome you. Take walks around the neighborhood, relax out on your front porch, smile and wave to others as you pass, take the kids to the park and be alert (don’t keep your eyes glued to your phone).

Get involved!

Perhaps the best way to meet people and feel like part of the community is by participating. Yes, you have to put in more effort, but it’s worth it for the result. Check with local schools and churches, parks and recreation, sports organizations, and neighbors for ways you can get involved. If you’re a parent, you have even more outlets for getting involved. Volunteer for car pools, participate in school activities, or host play dates. Just put your best face forward and be a part of the community. You won’t fit in if you don’t try!

Be a good neighbor.

You can’t expect your new neighbors to accept you if you are inconsiderate of the neighborhood. Be courteous and inviting, and be the type of neighbor you want others to be. Don’t block your new neighbors’ driveways on moving day or pile up trash on the curb. If and when people stop by to introduce themselves, invite them in and thank them. Send thank-you cards or personally let those who drop off welcoming gifts know how much you appreciate them. A little bit goes a long way.

When you move into your new custom home, you’ll experience a range of emotions. From stress to excitement, and fear to happiness, you’ll likely feel them all. Meeting new people and gaining the friendship of new neighbors can help calm your emotions and put you at ease. Fitting into your neighborhood doesn’t have to be frightening; just be approachable and considerate, say hello, and be a part of the community, and the rest will fall into place. Enjoy your new neighborhood, and especially your new custom home!