Designing your dream kitchen is really all about the details, especially those that you don’t typically think about. While there’s a lot to consider during a kitchen design or remodel, spending extra time on those relatively small details can definitely pay off in the long run.

Some kitchen design details matter more than you think. Take a moment to focus on these minor details that can have a major payoff.

Kitchen 9

1. Cabinet Details and Styles

Color and style options for cabinets are seemingly endless. You may think you’ve hit the lottery when you finally decide on one color and style, but why stop there? Add some depth and dimension to your kitchen by choosing more than one style. That way you don’t have to choose between your two favorites; you can use them both!

2. Tile Finishes

Just because you’ve decided on the type of tile you want for your kitchen backsplash doesn’t mean you’re finished making decisions about tile. There are a bunch of tile finishes to choose from that can make or break your kitchen aesthetic: matte, polished, flamed, etc.

3. Countertop Color

Deciding on a countertop material can be stressful, so why not shift your focus to the color instead. Which color makes your kitchen pop? Choose a color or two you love for your countertop and weigh your options for materials available in that color. You may realize that the color mattered more to you than the material anyways.


4. Visual BalanceKitchen 4

Think about symmetry and visual balance from an overall perspective in your kitchen. Even if you choose different colored tile and countertops, you can tie in some visual balance by choosing the same materials for each—or vice versa.


5. Hardware Style

Hardware may seem like the most insignificant detail, but the style, color, and finish of your cabinet hardware can really make (or break) your kitchen complete. Try playing with contrasting colors and finishes to really enhance the overall design.


6. Outlets

You’re probably confused as to why outlets even matter, but they truly can affect the look of your kitchen—in a good way or a bad way. Electricians typically choose outlets that are white or off white, but that can create a stark contrast in design. Try coordinating your outlets to actually match your walls or backsplash so they blend in. You can also try horizontal outlets, pop-up outlets, or even outlets inside drawers and cabinets. The options are endless, so it matters more than you think.


7. Lighting

Ah, lighting. It’s debatably the most important detail in your kitchen, but is often overlooked as such. Task lighting in particular is extremely vital to illuminate your food preparation spaces. The right lighting can make food prep easier on the eyes and also add the right aesthetic to your kitchen.


8. ZoningKitchen 5

Be sure to define your zones before you decide on the final layout for your kitchen. Think in terms of food prep, cooking, cleanup, entertaining, etc. Properly defining your zones can mean the difference between a functional and dysfunctional kitchen.


9. Storage Options

Two Toned KitchenStorage options are endless, so take some extra time to consider the different choices before making a final decision. You could try a pullout pantry, a pantry with rollout drawers, cabinets with individual storage separators (for trays, cups, etc.), lazy susans, hanging storage, a walk-in pantry, etc. Consider how much storage space you typically need and go from there.

As you can see, there’s more to designing your dream kitchen than just picking the flooring and appliances. It’s the smaller, more intricate design details that matter. From the hardware style to the tile finishes, be sure to spend a little extra time deciding on the seemingly minor details in your new kitchen. After all, it’s the small details that make for a big impact.