As country singer Kenny Chesney wrote “It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine… it’s summertime!” And summer is when we all look forward to jumping into the pool to cool off. We have built some beautiful homes and fabulous pools and outdoor areas over the years, and these are a few that will inspire you to dive in and take a swim. From ones with a rustic vibe to a more modern feel, these are really cool places to spend a hot summer day or relaxing evening. Pools not only enhance your backyard landscape, but they also provide a great backdrop for entertaining and enjoyment. And let’s not forget the song lyrics of the legendary Sam Cooke ”Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!”

Featured Neighborhood 


Of course, Kenwood is best known in early spring for it’s amazing display of Cherry Blossoms, which are the suburban answer to avoiding the crowds at the Tidal Basin. But this neighborhood of less than 300 homes is a special place year-round. With the Crescent Trail nearby, it has close walking proximity to downtown Bethesda and if you’re ambitious you can go all the way to Georgetown. The neighborhood had been a dairy farm when Edgar Kennedy and Donal Chamberlin bought 200 acres in 1926. They subdivided the property to include the Kenwood Country Club as an amenity and planted the now famous cherry trees along the streets. We are currently renovating the first home built in Kenwood (in 1928) by Kennedy-Chamberlin, which was designed by the prominent architect Alexander Sonnemann. If you’re looking to move into this incredible neighborhood, please email us ( to find out more about the almost half-acre property we have ready for your new custom home!