Livability is currently a huge buzzword in the custom home building industry. The general idea behind the term ‘livability’ is focusing on how you want your home to live, rather than how you want your home to look. A livable home is comfortable, habitable, and designed specifically to suit the way you and your family live. It’s an essential element to a happy home, and it differs for everyone.

Before you dive into what kind of countertops and floors you want in your custom home, try approaching design from a livability standpoint. This will save you from remodeling and redesigning again and again later on. Ask yourself key questions, such as:

    • Will you be entertaining and hosting frequently?
    • Will you need extensive storage area?
    • Will you need to convert rooms to accommodate a growing family?
    • How flexible do you want your living space to be?
  • How do YOU want to live in your house?

Livability in custom homes should be your top priority. Focus on these categories when making design decisions: Entertaining, Flexibility, Storage, and Comfort.


If you enjoy hosting dinner parties or cookouts frequently, your custom home should have enough entertainment space to accommodate guests. The livability priorities for someone who entertains often include an open floor plan, enough usable outdoor space, roomy kitchens, living rooms or rec rooms.


How long are you planning on living in your home? If the answer is 10-15 years or more, flexibility is key. A flexible home ensures that you’re prepared for just about anything that comes your way—i.e., children moving back in after college, aging parents needing an affordable space to live, hosting family members for extended periods of time, a new baby joins your pack, etc.


Are you notorious for saving everything? Is organization a priority to you? Planning ahead for storage space can truly increase your overall livability. You’ll have multiple areas to store and organize your belongings, so your living space will be only for living.


If you’re not much of an entertainer, and your main priority is to come home to a safe, relaxing, stress-free environment, then building a home with comforting spaces will increase livability for you. Consider a private master suite, a sun room, a crafting room, a whirlpool tub, etc.

Don’t get ahead of yourself. Designing a home that puts livability first takes time and planning. It’s imperative to determine which attributes are most important to you. Everyone is different, and your home should be as unique as you. The team of professionals at Sandy Spring Builders understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to livability. Contact your Maryland custom home builder today to learn more about livability in custom homes.