We already covered how to sell your home to millennials. Now, let’s take a look at what this next generation of homebuyers is actually looking for in a house—and how to make yours appeal to them.

Remember, millennials are the largest living generation and make up a pretty big chunk of the real estate market. So, it’s probably a good idea to make your home more millennial-friendly if you’re looking to sell. Here’s how.

Amp Up Your Kitchen and Bathroom Aesthetics

Millennials are crazy busy. Whether they’re working 12-hour days or traveling across the country, they don’t have the time to redo a kitchen and bathroom when they move into a new place. They want something that already looks good; they don’t want to have to pay and do it themselves. This is actually good news for you, though, as kitchen and bathroom remodels can have a high return on investment. According to Remodeling.net, homeowners received $11,769 more for a home with a remodeled bathroom, and $38,938 more for a home with a remodeled kitchen, on average.

Create Open, Multi-functional Spaces

Most young buyers like open and airy spaces, with limited boundaries (according to the National Association of Realtors). They want spaces that serve multiple purposes. For you, as a seller, this means you should focus on opening up your space when you remodel your kitchen. Tear down walls and barriers, if you can, and open up the kitchen to the living room. Bonus points for adding home office space.


Know Your Neighborhood

Having a walkable community is extremely important to most millennials. That means having nearby transportation, stores, restaurants, bars, and public services. Check out what your home’s Walk Score is here. If you have a high walk score, use that as a key marketing point. If not, figure out which parts of your neighborhood you can talk up—whether it’s a community pool, a nearby park, or your monthly block parties. Location is everything to young buyers, so if your location isn’t great, figure out how to make it great.

Keep It Low Maintenance

Like I said before, millennials are busy. They don’t want homes that are hard to maintain. When you’re remodeling, choose materials that are low-maintenance—like quartz or recycled glass. Speaking of recycled materials, these are also a good choice to make your home more appealing to millennial buyers. Young people, more than ever, are into appreciating and taking care of planet Earth. By incorporating recycled and reused materials in your home, you send the message that you care as well.