Here’s How to Avoid The Ski Lodge Look & Make Wood Tones Work For Your Home

Fact: wood is a timeless home design material. Also fact: it can easily make your home look like a lumberyard or ski lodge. Not exactly the vibe you might want for your everyday life. What’s great about wood, however, is it’s durable, exotic, affordable, and has the ability to fit every style. But there’s a fine line between looking warm and welcoming and looking like a place to pull out your winter gear.

When it comes to mixing multiple types of wood in your space, here’s how to make it work.

Use the rule of three

Three wood tones in a space is the safest bet. Any more than that, and it starts reaching ski lodge territory. Limiting yourself to three tones helps each one stand out on its own and gives your space some structure. Try a pale floor tone, a dark tone for major furnishings, and a tone somewhere in the middle for accents. Don’t be afraid to experiment, though!



Or use one tone and focus on texture. 
Instead of the rule of three, you could go the monotone route and choose one approximate tone with subtle differences between them or contrasting textures. This will give each wood its own identity, but help to create a seamless palette.


Play with patterns.
Don’t be afraid to use different wood laying techniques to play up patterns, such as laying planks in a chevron layout as a backsplash. This helps to create some depth and dimension, rather than a plain, wooden wall.

Go for pale and powerful. 
If you really adore wood tones and wish to use more than three, go for pale or painted wood. The beachier tones are easier on the eyes and keep things from falling over the edge into ski lodge territory. And if the wood still feels like it’s taking over, break it up with some rugs or furniture.

If you’re still fearful your love of wood will take your home over the top, try cheating by using an alternative finish like leather, terracotta, or stone, or changing the look of your wood with staining or antiquated finishing.