Don’t believe what you hear – you can definitely mix and match wood tones in your home. With that said, there are tips to follow in order to make your space more interesting without just throwing in a variety of selections. The first thing is to determine what the dominant tone will be, and decide where to put it – on the floors, the cabinets or built-ins, or stained trim and beams. Next thing to remember is to keep it simple and not go with more than 2 or 3 different tones and finishes. Use contrast such as dark floors and light cabinets, different cabinet colors for the perimeter and island, or maybe light floors with dark beams and trim. Using furniture to highlight the wood colors can help tie the details up in creating a warm and inviting room. And mixing wood finishes does not work in all situations – if the room is small, having too many varieties can look like too much is going on. Remember – try to balance the woods that you use so that they complement each other and don’t look like they are battling to be the most prominent feature.