Traditionally, home storage is hidden. The purpose of a closet or cabinet has always been to hide things around your home from plain sight, like dishes, clothes, food items, and other trinkets. But now, things are changing. Open shelving is becoming a staple in custom home design, and belongings are no longer being hidden. This home feature not only adds a charming appeal to rooms, but also forces you to stay organized.

Open shelving can be incorporated into any room in your home. It works especially well in the kitchen, where abundant storage is essential. It allows you to keep frequently used items at an arm’s length away for quicker access, such as coffee mugs, utensils, dinner plates, or cookbooks, and helps your guests find things easily! It generally looks best paired with a variety of other cabinets and drawers; this tends to make the shelves really pop!

Bathrooms and bedrooms are also great spaces to utilize open shelving. Both are rooms where extra storage is often desired, and open shelving provides an easy, effective, and exquisite alternative to your typical storage solutions.  It eliminates the need for additional wall art or mirrors, as it provides a space to incorporate statement pieces, unique trinkets, frames, greenery, or whatever else your heart desires. Open shelving truly opens the room up and accentuates its style in an eccentric way.

Open shelving creates a place for everything, with everything in its place. It gives you the best of both worlds: a storage solution, and a charming new home feature. Check out this variety of Sandy Spring Builders’ uses of open shelving solutions: