Not every homeowner is blessed with an flat and open outdoor space. From rollings hills to mountainous terrain, a sloping yard can be a bit frightening to work with. However, there are many ways to have fun with uneven outdoor landscaping. Whether it’s with sunken seating, a soothing stream or a protruding porch, you have plenty of options to make the most of your sloping yard.

Don’t worry about your landscape being uneven. Here are some inspiring ideas to make outdoor living more accessible and enjoyable, despite the slope.


Build a Deck

Possibly the most common solution to designing on a sloped landscape is to construct a deck. Decks offer a level ground for outdoor living, entertaining, and admiring the breathtaking views of your garden below. Depending on the severity of your slope, the deck may also be raised on pillars, providing storage, playspace or another outdoor living space underneath.

Try a Terrace

Sloped gardens often lend themselves to a lower level terraced area, that can be paved on decked, where you can relax and enjoy your garden. The sunken seating will give you a totally different perspective on your landscape and a staircase down to a terrace can help minimize the severity of the slope while defining the purpose of distinct spaces.


Add Water

LandscapingThe good news about having a sloping yard is that it is an ideal way to add water to your garden. A soothing stream works well with a natural slope. Rather than having to move around soil to create the perfect layout, it’s already provided for you! It’s easy to make it look natural as well; just add natural stone and gravel, and soften it up by planting around it.


Mix and Match Materials

The materials you use to terrace the incline of your yard can add some vibrant visual stimulation to your garden. Sometimes, however, it can be extremely expensive to use the materials you wish. Instead, try mixing up materials to create depth and dimension. Mixed materials can truly create something breathtaking.


Add Layers Of Greenery

Layers of greenery can create a vibrant backdrop in your garden, tricking the eye to disguise the steep sides of your landscape and instead, pulling your glimpse to what lies beyond. Plant trees and shrubbery of different shades, shapes and sizes, with different kinds of green between the plantings. Even the steepest of slopes become an alluring journey through lines of lush growth. Plus, this type of planting is low maintenance.


Work In Some Retaining Walls

Using retaining walls to retain soil in a sloping garden is a pretty popular way to make the most of your outdoor living space. Retaining walls can help manage erosion and create exquisite elevation levels for landscape beds. For extremely steep slopes, you may need to involve specialists to comply with safety regulations.

If you’re a homeowner with a sloping yard and you’re not sure how to make the most of it for outdoor living, call in the pros at Sandy Spring Builders. You need a design plan that allows for maximum beauty and function, yet minimal maintenance. Contact us today.